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HVAC & AC Supply in Miami, Hialeah, FL – Wholesale Prices

ACPro Depot is a leading AC supply store serving Hialeah and Miami. Our AC wholesale supply includes top-rated brands like Amana, Daikin AC, Rheem and Goodman air conditioning. We carry central air conditioning systems, which use ducts to distribute cool air throughout the home, as well as split AC units, which are the most common type of central AC and include a condenser on the outside of the home with a fan and coil system inside of the home connected by pipes carrying refrigerant. Homes that cannot accommodate ductwork may turn to a split ductless AC system. AC Pro Depot also carries packaged central air conditioners and heat pumps, which work as a cooler and heater.

We offer high-efficiency AC units with efficiency expressed as the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, or SEER. Central AC is more efficient than room air conditioners, and quieter and more convenient to use. ACPro Depot also carries a range of accessories and AC parts. We stock a wide range of thermostats to help you get the best service out of your air conditioning. We carry programmable thermostats, which automatically adjust the temperature in your home throughout the day according to your preferences, as well as digital thermostats and manual thermostats, which require that you manually change the temperature setting.

ACPro Depot also carries the best in tankless water heaters from Titan. These tankless heaters are designed for optimal performance, even under high demand, with significant energy savings over traditional water heaters and a lifespan that is twice as long, on average. Tankless heaters provide a constant supply of hot water and improved water quality with no rust or scale build-up. These units may be mounted in a bathroom, hallway, kitchen or anywhere else and serve an entire home or high-demand areas like a bathroom.

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